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GABS 2021 Festival Special

Well blow us down if Victoria hasn’t caught New South Wales’s cold!
For reference this episode was recorded just toward the end of June when Melbourne was on top of the dreaded virus and sport was a thing down here again..
Anyway you all know how it has panned out and have a listen to how we saw things through the eyes of two blokes sipping on some awesome GABS beers..

Hops To Home July 2021

We're in the same shed again! Luckily we were able to catch up in person and enjoy these five cracking beers from Hops To Home.

It was another fun journey, as well as learning about the beers and breweries, along the way we also got to learn about a movie from 1966, and what's the world record for the number of dolls in a babushka doll set??

Bad Shepherd Brewing Co Special

Crikey what a weird moment in time this seems like almost every other capital city apart from Melbourne is on some sort of lockdown! We know how you feel, it was only a few weeks ago when we recorded this episode - and we were in lockdown as well!

So for this Bad Shepherd Brewing Co special we were in seperate sheds again, and we gasbag our way through 6 of their core range:

  • Tiny IPA
  • Victoria Pale Ale
  • American Pale Ale
  • Hazelnut Brown
  • Peanut Butter Porter
  • Oatmeal Stout


Hops To Home June 2021

June Hops to Home podcast has arrived!
What another cracking 5 beers from Hops to Home and how is the artwork on these cans??
With Melbournes Lockdown Lite impeding our ability to catch up in person we were again remote and back in our own sheds.
The beers we sampled were:

Brick Lane Stereobreaker mini episode

Brick Lane have teamed up with the Victorian members of Pink Boots Australia to create this limited Stereobreaker Rye Pale Ale. And we were fortunate enough to be sent a couple during Melbroune's Lockdown 4.0!
What a ripper of a beer, well done to Emily and the team! Wonder if that's Emily's profile rocking out on the label??
And even though it's only a mini episode, we were also able to sneak in a little experiment at the end...does a previously shaken up beer look and taste the same as a non shaken up one? The results might surprise you...

Mildura Brewery Special

Victorian lockdown 4.0! Luckily Dave had the chance to get up to Mildura Brewery just before Easter, and we managed to record this brewery special just before everything in Vic went pear shaped again.

Have a listen to hear about the brewery, their beers, and even a history lesson about Big Lizzie (if you're not sure what Big Lizzie is, you sure will after listening to this episode!)


We tasted 7 of their beers:

Sunlight Light
Honey Wheat


Big Drop Brewing Mini Episode

Another mini episode of Aussie Beer Explorers has arrived!
Now this one is interesting, featuring two ultra-low alcohol beers from Big Drop Brewing Company.
At only 0.5% ABV these beers are definitely a talking point with the flavours not wavering due to the low alcoholic content.
The beers we sampled were:
⁃Paradiso IPA
⁃Galactic Milk Stout
Click on the link in the bio or search for Aussie Beer Explorers in your favourite podcasting app.
And by the way, excise is not charged on beers with an ABV of less than 1.15% not 0.5% as mentioned in the episode.

Hops To Home May 2021

May Hops to Home podcast has arrived!
Crikey with 2021 over a third of the way through we’ll be hearing Mariah Carey belting out “All I want for Christmas” before we know it.
This episode we were taken way back to the 1980’s and 90’s staple Saturday TV show for many Aussies as well as a classic Australian Film.
Can you guess which beer these two references are relating too?
The beers we sampled were:
  • Super Juicy New England Pale Ale - Hope Brewery
  • Valhalla Pale Ale - Valhalla Brewing
  • GONGIM RIPA - Bodriggy Brewing and Hops to Home
  • Blood Sacrifice KVEIK Red - Tallboy & Moose and Hops to Home
  • Black Days Black IPA - Bonehead Brewing and Hops to Home

Brick Lane Belgian Mini Episode

A few weeks ago Brick Lane were kind enough to invite us to a zoom drinks with Brick lane's head brewer John Seltin and CEO Paul Bowker. Along with a few of our friends from the podcast/media world (how we got entry into that group we'll never know!), the guys from Brick Lane introduced us to two very unique beers.

They sent us a couple of extras so we could sneak out a mini episode, have a listen and hear what we thought!

  • Guardian Belgian Triple
  • Morning Star Belgian Dark Ale

Definitely a different path for Brick Lane, thanks guys for the opportunity, we look forward to what you next have in store...

Coastal Brewing Company Special

During April, Dave headed to the North Coast of New South Wales for work and was fortunate to have the opportunity to call in to The Coastal Brewing Company in Forster on his way back to Newcastle airport. What an awesome way to finish off a busy week away as well as experience some of Australia's Big Things!
The beers we sampled were:
- Town Lager
- Barrington Blonde
- Boomerang Beach Pale Ale
- Ghinni Ghinni GIPA
- Booti KNEIPA
- Mungo Mango IPA
- Shelly's Milk Chocolate Orange Stout
- Black Head Mil​k​ Stout
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