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Aether Brewing Summer of Sour Mini Episode

Summer's finally here!!

And along with it, good old Aussie Post brought us an early Chrissy present...3 beers from Aether Brewing's Summer of Sour release. So we thought we'd better smash it out as soon as we could in a mini episode!

  • Forest berry Sour
  • Nelson Sauvin Single Hop Sour IPA
  • Rosé Sour

One Drop Brewing Co Special

Look out - Episode 100!
Can you believe it? Cos we can’t.. From humble beginnings in a small craft beer bar in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne to a global sensation!!
And what a better way to celebrate the milestone with 6 (or 8) awesome beers from One Drop Brewing Co in Botany NSW.
As the east coast emerges from what we hope is the final lockdown ever, we thoroughly enjoyed these beers with a couple completely different to what we had tasted before…
Treat your ears to these beers (in more ways than one!):
    •   Botany Bay Lager
    •   Extra Pale Ale
    •   Double Vanilla, Custard Pancake, Imperial Nitro, Thickshake IPA
    •   Hearty DDH DIPA
    •   VOID
    •   Ginger Beer
    •   Oatmeal Stout
    •   Hazy Pale Ale

Hops To Home November 2021

November Hops to Home podcast has arrived!
Another 5 cracking beers delivered directly to our door from Hops to Home and two new breweries to add to our list..

Hops To Home October 2021

What the heck has just happened??  It feels like a  lifetime since we were in the same shed rabbiting on about beer...But jeez we were glad to be able to finally catch up in person and solve the worlds problems.
And what a perfect way celebrate the Melbourne Cup weekend with 5 cracking beers from Hops to Home!

Cornella Brewery Special

Dave had the chance to visit Cornella Brewery in between a couple of Melbourne's lockdowns a few months ago, and what an awesome looking venue it is! Right near Colbinabbin in central Victoria, it shares the grounds with The Shiraz Republic, there's a stage for entertainment, plus great looking onsite cabins overlooking the vineyard. There was no punters around at the time due to ongoing restrictions, but he was able to grab a few beers, and we finally got stuck into them:

  • Spiny Rush Tropical XPA
  • Winebeer Shiraz Sour
  • Tinto de Verano Shiraz & Lemon Spritzer
  • Hazy Bale Hazy XPA
  • Happy Birthday To You Hazy IPA
  • After Glow Amber
  • Citranella DDH IPA


Hops To Home September 2021

September 2021 Hops to Home pack has arrived!
Another 5 cracking beers delivered directly to our door for us to bang on about for about an hour. This episode again taps into the Hope Rocks concert at Hope Estate referencing great Aussie rock bands as well as movies such as Young Einstein and The Matrix.
Dave also taps in the grey matter and divulges where he was on 8/8/1988. Where were you on 8/8/1988 and have you still got your bicentennial coin that all school aged kids received?
The beers in this months pack are:
And don't forget to check out our 500 beers page that Dave spent hours and hours pulling together and see if you can find your favourite beer and let us know what it is in the comments.

Little Creatures Brewing Special

How good is this? Little Creatures sent us a couple of beers to try that we haven't had a crack at in the show yet - two of our old favourites, plus two BRAND NEW BEERS! 

Little Creatures is celebrating 21 year of craft brewing with the release of a Pacific Ale and Hazy IPA, which were both released in August.

Also another surprise - for their 21st birthday, Little Creatures’ signature Pale Ale and XPA was released in cans!

Have a listen, as you can probably tell we're excited... 

  • Hazy IPA
  • Pale Ale
  • XPA
  • Pacific Ale​

Athletic Brewing Mini Episode

Check out these two Non-Alcoholic beers from Athletic Brewing Co!
We were fortunate enough to have the guys at Rocket Comms send us these two interesting beers:
  • Upside Dawn Golden Ale
  • Run Wild IPA
We’ve certainly had a few low/no alcoholic beers on this journey with one of these in particular reminding us of sipping on some wort as it pours out of the brew kettle and into the fermenter, albeit not sweet!
We were eager to check these out and had recorded before Rocket Comms advised that you can get these beauties from Woolworths.

Hops To Home August 2021

August 2021 Hops to Home pack has arrived!
While much of Australia's population is again stuck in some form of lockdown thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to pivot and deliver the podcast from seperate sheds. Nothing is going to stop us from banging on about awesome Australian Craft Beer while slipping in the odd Coronavirus reference and reminicing about great Aussie Rock and Roll bands that hopefully will be playing at Hope Estate in October..  
Who is Nick Barker anyway?? 
OK, stop screaming at your laptop/desktop/mobile device..  Even after Dave going through Apple Music the following day, he is still struggling to find a song that he knows from Nick Barker & The Reptiles.. 
Check out these 5 cracking beers:
And don't forget to check out our 500 beers page that Dave spent hours and hours pulling together and see if you can find your favourite beer and let us know what it is in the comments.

Brick Lane Trilogy of Fear

Check out these 5 awesome beers from Brick Lane!
Starting off gently with the Sidewinder and Avalanche, the final three massive beers are not for the faint hearted and perfect for sharing with mates when we’re allowed to..
The beers we sampled were:
  • Sidewinder Hazy Pale
  • Avalanche Hazy IPA
  • Part 1 of the Trilogy of Fear, Baby Yaga Russian Imperial Stout
  • Part 2 of the Trilogy of Fear, The Abyss Amburana Imperial Stout
  • Part 3 of the Trilogy of Fear, Leviathan Cacao Vanilla Imperial Stout
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