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About Us

May 22, 2020

We are two guys tasting and talking about craft beer either from each other’s shed, craft breweries or bars.

We are by no means experts however we know what we like. One dabbles in all grain brewing at home while the other is the technical guru that makes this podcast possible.

The idea for this podcast was born while sipping a few ales at a local watering hole when we got started talking about the tap list and thought about recording our conversation.

While we aim to provide constructive information on the beers and venues although cannot guarantee the accuracy of the audio content. The show notes will provide updates if the information was misleading.

Disclaimer: We do not advocate the consumption of alcoholic beverages to excess or by persons under the legal drinking age. It is our firm belief that consumption of alcohol is the responsibility of the drinker supported by those around them. Make sure you and your mates get home safe without incident.

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